Issue of the visa and travel to Turkey for buying property

In this stage, if you need visa the responsibilities are up to you. You should provide the required documents such as company-license, bank statements and insurance by yourself or through an existing tour company then apply for the first visa in the Turkish embassy or consulate. 

Trip to Turkey and visiting properties.

After recieving your visa and ticket, please contact us to tell your entry time, our staff will pick you up from airport and arrange your transfer to your hotel.

Money transaction and receiving deed

After the choice property being selected, we will help you to transfer your money to Turkey and after completion of transaction, you will receive your deed within one day.

Water, electricity, gas and house appliances.

After receiving the deed documents, the procedure for registration of water, electricity and gas for your house will start by our staff. We can also help you to buy appliances or furniture of your house.

Determination of residency appointment and shifting your family members to Turkey

In this stage you return back to your country if you need visa for your family, through your title deed, bank statement and other documents which will be provided by us, you will go to Turkish embassy to ask visa for all of your family members and then you will be back to Turkey and an appointment will be taken from the immigration department for your residency in Turkey. This is usually given for 2 or 3 weeks later. In this space of time, just in time according to the date specified by immigration department.

The provision of required documents for residency and referring to the specified time:

Our personal will support you in all stages as well as delivering them to the department of immigration.

Receiving Residency:

It will be post to your address in maximum 4 weeks