Turkey has started a new Citizenship by Investment Program in 2017 and has also lowered the minimum investment levels for the program, last September. According to this program, applicants who invest 400,000 USD on real estate or 500,000 USD on other financial instruments directly get Turkish citizenship, if they give a commitment that they will continue their investment for 3 years. This means that they cannot sell the property or any other financial instrument for 3 years. This is the only requirement.

The applicant will get Turkish citizenship with his/her spouse and all children under 18.

We know that many Bangladeshi businessmen have worldwide businesses, they get residency from countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand or the United Arab Emirates but these countries do not give citizenship. Some Bangladeshi businessmen live in Canada, the United Kingdom or the United States, but they cannot qualify for citizenship.

Bangladesh passport only allows traveling to Nepal visa-free.
With Turkish passport, they can travel visa-free to more than 110 countries including Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, Mexico and almost every country in South America.

Also, we know that Bangladeshi professionals who work in the Gulf States and earn good money but cannot get citizenship. Turkey could be a safe second home for them and their investments. They may consider moving to Turkey after retirement.

Turkish health and education system are well-established and free for the Turkish citizens. Middle age Bangladeshi professionals may consider to move to Turkey to get a good education for their children and to have good health care.

Turkey also has many tax advantages. The corporate tax is 22%. Every other tax is much lower than taxes in Bangladesh. Therefore, Bangladeshi businessmen would have great benefits of moving their businesses to Turkey.

Moreover, there is a customs union with the European Union, which means that products of Turkey go to the EU countries duty-free.

We have Bangladeshi clients who have already applied to Turkish citizenship, but we believe that there is a much greater potential in Bangladesh. We have also traveled to Dhaka and had meetings with interested parties last November. 

We believe that many Bangladeshis would be interested in the program.

Please note that this may be a limited time opportunity. The monetary limits were reduced by a Presidential Decree overnight, on September 19, 2018, and the President has the right to increase the limits without prior notice. There will be local elections on March 31, 2019. After the elections, the conditions may change any time.

Turkish citizenship by investment program is different from many other programs:

  1. You do not pay high fees to the government. You make an investment for 3 years and your money is yours at the end of three years. Therefore your passport will be free. You will even have good profits for your investment, therefore you will be get paid for your Turkish passport.
  2. There is no minimum stay or language proficiency requirement. You can become a Turkish citizen without even coming to Turkey or without learning a single Turkish word.

Advantages of the Turkish citizenship program is three-fold:

  • The Turkish passport
  • Opportunity to live and work in Turkey
  • A good return on investment

We also provide consultancy on real estate investment, assist with the real estate search and purchase process and file the applications diligently.

You can get more information about this program on our web site.

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