Izmir is one of the best places to live with good infrastructure and friendly social life. There are many good schools and hospitals. Even if you do not plan to live in Izmir, it is definitely a good place for real estate investment. The appreciation rate was 16.5% in Izmir, where the average of global cities were 4% in the Knight and Frank Global Residential Cities Index, which makes Izmir the second after the Indian city of Surat.

According to 2018 Q1 index the Top Ten cities with the highest appreciation were:

1 Surat, IN 22.3%
2 Izmir, TR 16.5%
3 Hong Kong, HK** 15.6%
4 Vancouver, CA 15.4%
5 Berlin, DE 14.9%
6 Rotterdam, NL 14.8%
7 Budapest, HU 14.4%
8 Hobart, AU 14.1%
9 Ahmedabad, IN 13.0%
10 Seattle, US 12.9%

Bottom Ten Cities with depreciation were:

141 Chennai, IN -4.5%
142 Dubai, AE -4.8%
143 Delhi, IN -4.8%
144 Oslo, NO -4.9%
145 Rio de Janeiro, BR -4.9%
146 Moscow, RU -6.1%
147 Darwin, AU -6.5%
148 Genoa, IT* -6.6%
149 Turin, IT* -7.1%
150 Abu Dhabi, AE -7.2%

Moreover, it is possible to have a good rental income from the properties in Izmir. Although the average ROI is 20 years, it is possible to find properties with the return of investment 18 years or less.

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