It is always good to have a guide when you discover a new place. It will take money and time to discover the Turkish real estate market,  regulations on real estate, the tax system, and legal system.

The investors should make a detailed investigation of the legal and financial status of the properties they want to invest in.

There may be some cautionary remarks or restrictions on the title deed. The zoning status, construction licenses and liens on the title deed should also be checked. After completing the legal analysis of the real estate property, it should be financially analyzed.

Factors such as the location, the environment, the ease of transportation, the physical properties of the real estate and the proximity of the property to social reinforcement facilities affect the value of the property. Expected appreciation rate and sale price to monthly rent ratio are other factors to take into consideration when investing in a real estate property.

Such a legal and financial analysis requires expertise. We prepare detailed reports on the legal and financial status of the property comparing the property with the other properties in the vicinity in terms of the sale price and rental income so that you can make better decisions on which property to invest.

Therefore, we strongly advise that you get legal and financial consultancy when buying a real estate property in a country where you never had an experience before. Our reports will save you time and money.

To get consultancy about where to invest or to get an evaluation report for a specific property or location you can reach us at or +90 (544) 288-5280.