Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program seems straightforward and simple. In a nutshell, you choose a method to invest, make a commitment of three years and apply for the citizenship.

For instance, you can buy real estate property of any type, worth more than 400,000 USD and sign an affidavit that you will not sell these properties within the next three years.

However, the devil is in the details.

Although it might seem simple at a first look, it may take more time and effort to successfully complete your application. The details of the application procedure are not clarified in the law or the regulations and usually explained by circulars and memorandums. It is not quite easy for a foreign individual to follow every recent change or explanation about the application procedure.

There is always a possibility that your application will be rejected due to an error or you will be disqualified since you have not followed the procedure step by step. For instance, one particular application has been rejected because the property was bought from a foreigner and another was rejected because the appraisal report was not properly prepared.

Although the paperwork has been simplified, there are many small details you should take into consideration. You should start preparing for your application before purchasing the real estate or making an investment on other financial instruments. Therefore, we advise you to get consultancy in your Turkish citizenship application.

Smart Twins consultants will diligently prepare your documents and file your citizenship application. If you work with us, you will get results at a shorter time and with higher success. To get consultancy about your Turkish citizenship application you can reach us at  yusuf@smarttwins.com.tr or +90 (544) 288-5280.