Turkey Citizenship by Investment criteria was drastically reduced five months ago. According to the recent amendment on September 19, 2018, foreign real estate investors can acquire Turkish Citizenship directly if they make a minimum real estate investment of 400,000 USD and sign a declaration that they will not sell the properties within the next three years.

Monetary limits in other investment options in Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program has also been reduced. Foreigners who invest 500,000 USD on different financial instruments in Turkey for three years can also apply for Turkish citizenship. The 500,000 USD investment requirement applies to different options including depositing money into a savings account at a Turkish bank, buying government bonds, real estate investment fund shares or venture capital investment fund shares, or making a fixed capital investment.

Among these options, 400K $ to Obtain Citizenship‎ is the lowest amount and many foreigners preferred to invest in real estate properties to become a Turkish citizen.

The recent amendments eased access to Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport.  Foreigners will become a Turkish citizen when they invest 400,000 USD on real estate for three years. Acquiring Turkish Citizenship through investment has never been easier.

We will refer the readers who are still skeptical about this program to major news agencies. You can find the summary of the program in the news provided by Reuters and Aljazeera.

Reuters reports “Turkey cuts investment levels for citizenship, property sales seen boosted“.  Aljazeera reports “Turkey lowers requirements for citizenship by investment“.

Turkish Citizenship for only 400.000 USD Real Estate Investment, is a good opportunity for foreigners who would be interested in investing in a second passport. In the first three months of the program, 400 people have already applied for Turkish citizenship through investment.

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